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Postal History Society

Information About the Society


Postal history is the study of material carried by, and related to, official, local or private mails. It illustrates routes, rates, markings, usages and other postal aspects, services, functions and activities related to the history of the development of Postal Services. Postmark collections - also called "marcophily" - demonstrate classifications and/or studies of postal markings related to official, local or private mails on covers and other postal items.

Postal History, therefore, is telling the story of how mail has been handled, who has handled it, and why. In postal history, research is necessary to interpret a cover and its postal markings. In doing such research one comes face to face with the history and the personalities of a particular event, place or postal service. (From Australian Postal History Society)

Tracing postal history of oneís environment is a subject of increasing popularityóbe it a town, state, territory or county. The rise and fall of stage coach, railroad and truck mails; the development of postal systems and methods of handling mail; disinfected, censored, delayed or wreck covers, and correspondence from prison and internment camps are within its domain. All that and more is collected, studied, exhibited, written and spoken about by those who constitute the membership of the POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY.

The Society had its origin in the 1940s when the late Edith M. Faulstitch suggested its formation. The Postal History Society of the Americas (the last three words were later dropped) was founded in 1951. It has grown to more than 600 members scattered throughout the world.

An outstanding achievement of the Society is the POSTAL HISTORY JOURNAL, which began as an annual in 1957, but now appears three times a year with original studies. It is richly illustrated and is printed on high quality paper stock. Awards are given annually for the best articles published within its pages. It invariably wins high awards when exhibited internationally.

The Society takes great pride in its contribution to international recognition of postal history, as a class in shows held under FIP patronage. Since itís founding it has been promoting postal history at exhibitions.

The Society supports local and regional postal history groups, offering associate membership to encourage their participation in the Societyís activities. No fees are required from associate members.

The Society offers an opportunity to expand your interest in postal history, to publish your research results, to gain recognition for your collecting interests, to further your individual and groupís work and to learn more about the postal history of all ages and places.

Please complete the application for membership and send it with your check for $35 within the U.S., $40 in US Funds for Canada & Mexico and $50 U.S. funds for rest of the world.

A sample copy of the Journal may be obtained for $2, postpaid within the U.S.;† $4 within Canada & Mexico and $5 for the rest of the world. All payments to be in U.S. funds.

Information About the Society

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Membership Application

Postal History Society Awards

2005 inductee in the Writers Unit Hall of Fame

"Update to the 3rd volume of the American Stampless Cover Catalog"


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